Welcome to WeeCare 


We’re so glad you found us! 


WeeCare was founded by preemie moms to fill a niche in the observant Jewish community. WeeCare is an organization that will embrace you and your family throughout your preemie journey. 

We understand you and what you’re going through. We have all had our own NICU journeys, and jointly we have experienced all sorts of complications, surgeries and miracles.

Our Services 

Peer to peer support

Our hotline phone number is 732-813-3299. The line will connect you with one of our members who will be able to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. We may also be able to connect you with someone who has had similar experiences as you are having, with children born at the same gestational age, in the same hospital, and if needed with the same complications, surgeries and developmental delays as the preemie you are caring for. 

hospital respite

While you may feel an urge to stay with your child in the NICU at all times, this is unrealistic. There will be other responsibilities which need your attention at some point during your child’s NICU stay. Aside from these responsibilities, you will also need to set aside time to take care of yourself. We  can have a dedicated and knowledgeable volunteer stay at your baby’s side while you remain just a phone call away. 

Sibling and Grandparent Support 

Having a relative in the NICU effects everyone involved. Sibling will have to adjust to much upheaval. Grandparents may want to learn how to best support the parents of preemies and how to handle their own emotions. We distribute “Sibling of a Preemie” packages, and have a dedicated hotline for concerned grandparents seeking information and guidance. 

Hospital rides

We know that transportation is often very costly and hard to arrange, especially if you are commuting often or are under a lot of stress. We can handle any transport needs you may have.  


Our meals are cooked by volunteers who are near  your location. They can be delivered to your house or to the hospital and can serve as many people as needed.

We are here to support you. 

While this site is expansive  and informative, there are many things which can only happen in person.

If you are a caretaker of a Premature child, or know someone that is, we urge you to get in touch with us by phone. We will send you our “Preemie Starter Pack” and be able to offer all our above mentioned services to you as needed. And of course we are always here to just talk.


The best way to contact us is through our hotline or email adress: