The NICU will generally have a time when all visitors must leave.

  While it is a very good idea for parents to go home each night and spend some time taking care of themselves if they can, there are times when you may find it necessary to stay near the hospital overnight.

Here are a few options of places to stay the night near your hospital:

1. Hotels.

Most large hospitals have hotels near them. You can ask the hospital staff or just google “Hotels near me.”

2. Hospital Guest facilities.

Some hospitals may offer hotel-like facilities which are very close to the hospital. Once again, you can ask hospital staff for more information on these, though in NYC hospitals they are often expensive and booked months in advance .

3. Bikur Cholim apartments or rooms.

These are apartments and rooms which are owned by local chesed organizations and available for use by people who must stay near the hospital.
Some information about such housing is available here.

If you do not see your hospital, you can try to contact members of the local community or the local Chabad.